News Panel May 2014 - In Honor of Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2014

At Integrated Wood Components we salute those who died securing our peace and freedom. To those who served in conflict to protect our land, and sacrificed their dreams of the day to preserve the hope of our nation and keeping America the land of the free for over two centuries, we owe our thanks and our honor. It is important to not only recognize their service but to respect their devotion to duty and to ensure that the purpose for which they fought will never be forgotten.

From the soldiers who fought bravely during the American Revolution to the men and women of today’s Armed Forces, America’s fighting forces, have responded bravely to this nation’s call to duty. Both on the battlefield and in their assurance of readiness, members of the nation’s military remain bound to their duty. For more than 200 years, America’s Armed Forces have been the surest guarantee that Freedom will continue to ring across this land – From Sea to Shining Sea!

John Kamp

We will be closed on Memorial Day, May 26th, to pay our respects.