Commercial wall panels

Give your business interior a “pop” with our commercial wall panels. In today’s busy economy, company’s need to leave a lasting impression on their clients. Whether you’re in the restaurant industry, an office building, or have your own home office, customized commercial wall panels can make your business space a memorable one. Spice up the exterior of your business with exterior wall panels as well!

commercial wall panels  raw mdf wall panels interior and exterior commercial wall panels


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Integrated Wood Components Inc. designs and manufactures commercial wall panels in the same production facility, so we control the quality of each stage in the manufacturing process. We use raw MDF and laminates to create beautiful patterns and designs. Choose from our pre-designed panels, or create your own to match the personality of your business.


Commercial wall panels are great for cafes, shops, offices, reception areas, and even to hide columns or piping. Create signage that will leave a lasting impression. Our large variety of colors and textures allow you to customize your commercial wall panels. Our commercial wall panels are also made of premium raw MDF and laminate materials for a quality that will last. By choosing Integrated Wood Components Inc.'s
Woodstock Wave Wall panels you’re protecting your investment and investing in quality.